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St. Francis de Sales Award: Past Winners
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St. Francis de Sales Award Winners

For outstanding contribution to Catholic journalism


Year Awarded

Awarded To

Contributions to Catholic Journalism


Dale Francis

for his "Operation Understanding" edition of Our Sunday Visitor


Frank A. Hall

for long service as director-editor of NC News Service


Rev. John Courtney Murray, S.J.

for his book, "We Hold These Truths"


Rev. Albert J. Nevins, M.M.

for directions of the CPA Latin American Program


Floyd Anderson, K.S.G.

for his long-term contributions to the Catholic Press


Rev. Patrick O'Connor, S.S.C.

for his long-term contributions to the Catholic Press


John Cogley

for his work as Religious News Service Vatican II correspondent


Joseph A. Breig

for his long-term contributions to the Catholic Press


Rev. John Reedy, C.S.C.

for his position paper on revitalization of the CPA


Most Rev. James P. Shannon

for his liaison between bishops and the press as USCC press officer


no award given


Rev. Msgr. Robert G. Peters

for long-term service as editor of the Catholic Post, Peoria, and his service as chairman of the CPA/NC Liaison Committee


Francis A. (Bill) Fink

for 40 years of service with Our Sunday Visitor and long service to the Catholic press


Rev. Jeremy Harrington, O.F.M.

for his superior work as editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine


Thomas A. Brennan (special)

for service as legal counsel of the CPA


Robert E. Burns

for his outstanding work directing the operations of Claretian Publications, U.S. Catholic, and allied activities


Gerard E. Sherry

for his excellent service as editor, writer and reporter and for his work with the Catholic Press Association


Rev. John B. Sheerin, C.S.P.

for his quarter-century as editor of Catholic World, and for his outstanding ecumenical, international and social welfare activities


Lillian R. Block

for her many years of service to the Catholic press and other media as editor/director of Religious News Service


A.E.P. Wall

for his example and promotion of high journalistic standards here and abroad, and for introducing the wire service at NC News Service


Donald J. Thorman

for his service in several Catholic press positions, and as editor and publisher of National Catholic Reporter


Rev. Walter J. Burghardt, S.J.

for his outstanding work in shaping the context of responsible freedom in which Catholic writers and editors should operate


Rev. Thurston N. Davis, S.J.

for leading America magazine, as editor, for directing the John La Farge Institute, and for his work as consultant to the USCC


John F. Fink

for his outstanding services to the CPA and the International Catholic Union of the Press, and for exemplifying and encouraging Catholic press excellence


Allen C. Bradley

for his complete dedication to the Catholic press and for his outstanding service on the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee


Ethel M. Gintoft

for her professionalism, for being a trailbreaker for women in journalism, and her service to the CPA


Rev. Msgr. George Gilmary Higgins

for nearly 40 years analyzing the toughest social questions of his day, mainly through his NC News Service column, The Yardstick


Most Rev. John P. Foley (special)

for his selection as president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications; and service as editor of The Catholic Standard & Times and CPA officer


Rev. Norman J. Muckerman, C.SS.R

for service as editor of Ligourian and CPA president, and as "professional leader and spiritual father figure" of the Catholic press


Moises Sandoval

for service as editor of Maryknoll and Revista Maryknoll magazines; and for his commitment to proclaim the truth in lands of the underprivileged and oppressed


Edward S. Skillin

for his integrity, faith, charity, and commitment to the Church, and for 50 years of service to Catholic journalism at Commonweal magazine


Charles J. McNeill (special)

for more than 50 years of service to the entire Catholic press and the CPA


Deacon Henry Libersat

for management of five editions of The Florida Catholic, service to the CPA and its members and courageous and community-centered journalism.


James A. Doyle (special)

for dedicated service to CPA as executive director, 1958-1988, counseling the Catholic press family with patience, wit, and integrity for 30 years.


Rev. Owen F. Campion

for excellence in his long career in religious journalism and in service to the CPA. Gracious, diplomatic, untiring devotion; a fine Southern gentleman.


Penny Lernoux (posthumously)

for being an exemplary journalist who continually pushed herself and others to live according to the challenges of the Gospel.


Henry Gosselin

for his outstanding example as a dedicated and innovative Catholic editor of an award-winning newspaper.


Albina Aspell

for her distinctive and eloquent leadership in the Catholic press and for her role as a dynamic force and inspiration.


Rev. John Catoir

for his long-time, outstanding contributions to the Catholic Church through books, syndicated column, articles and the Christopher News Notes.


Barbara Beckwith

for her dedication and effort in being a resourceful ambassador for the Catholic press in communications circles in the United States and worldwide through UCIP.


Thomas N. Lorsung

for a commitment to excellence, a belief in the power of the written word, an ability to take leadership roles in guiding the press to growth and development.


Rev. Mark J. Brummel, C.M.F.

for his years of editorial direction, professional publishing leadership and his gentle guidance of the many Catholic publications he has made possible


Rev. Norman Perry, O.F.M.

for being a powerful voice for thoughtfulness, fairness and reason in his work as editor ofSt. Anthony Messenger, and for his dedication to the Catholic press.


Arthur L. McKenna

for his love of the Catholic press, his many selfless contributions and dedication over many years as CPA president, vice president, treasurer, board member and "mentor to all.”


Robert G. Hoyt

for his lifetime of service to the Catholic press, journalistic integrity and his lifelong promotion of truth and human dignity.


Christopher Gunty

for his zest for his mission as a Catholic journalist. Chris embodies all that is redeeming about Catholic journalism.


Anne Buckley

for her enthusiasm for the job, personal sacrifice and dedication.


Avery Cardinal Dulles (special)

for his contributions to the Catholic press.


Dennis Heaney

for his willingness to defend journalistic integrity; his deep and active spiritual life and his caring for people.


Jerry Filteau

for a career of uncompromising journalism in the service of the Catholic press.


Gerald Costello

for his outstanding and long-continuing performance in Catholic journalism with precisely the excellence, originality and initiative the award standards demand.


Oscar Reyes

for his great faith, his remarkable strength of character and for his editorial excellence and innovation.


Rev. Jack Wintz, OFM

for his dedication to justice through the power of Catholic journalism and for radiating the truthful, gentle spirit of St. Francis de Sales.


Owen P. McGovern (special)

for being a champion of the Catholic press during his service to the CPA as executive director, 1988-2005.


John Thavis

for his in-depth knowledge of the workings of the Vatican and his ability to share that with fellow journalists and Catholic press readers.


Chic Davis

for his knowledge and expertise in business and advertising, and for his perseverance to deliver value to the dioceses and its readers through Catholic publications.


Karen M. Franz

for her leadership in the CPA and for serving as a role model to editors and to all women determined to pursue their vocation as Catholic journalists.


Anthony Spence

for his contribution to the Catholic press, his leadership in the CPA and for seeing the importance of multimedia journalism as part of the mission of the church in the world.


Robert Zyskowski

for his leadership, commitment to excellence and his ability to understand the big picture. He studies the demographic and readership trends that are changing the way the Catholic press must do business if it is to fulfill its mission in the future.


Helen Osman

for the affirming, collaborative way she works. She is a role model for women leaders in the Catholic media and elsewhere for her ability to win the ear of decision makers through her character, her intelligence, vision and her grace under pressure.


Peter Finney

for his unequaled skills and outstanding leadership, all this is done with class, steady encouragement and enduring grace.


Jim Lackey

for the first-rate quality of his reporting and editing, the wide reach of his work, and his tireless dedication to make the Catholic press great.


Greg Erlandson

for his long-term contributions to multiple Catholic publications, his work with the Vatican and his leadership and contributions to the CPA.


Maria de Lourdes Ruiz Scaperlanda

for her dedication to Catholic media for more than 30 years, and for telling the human side of many of the tough social and political issues facing our state, Church and nation.


Archbishop Claudio Celli (special)

for being an ardent supporter and advocate for the Catholic press around the world.


Matthew Schiller

for his vision, his willingness to share his expertise with others and for sharing in the mission of Catholic journalism.



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