Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I log into the system?

If you are submitting information to the Press Awards, you can find the log-in instructions here:

If you are submitting to the Book Awards, you do not need to use the BetterNewspaperContest system. Simply download this packet and follow the instructions:

What is my password for the BetterNewspaperContest system?

If you have not logged into your profile during this awards cycle, the generic password is "bnc” (all lower case).

What e-mail should I use to log in?

A member’s profile will be in one of two places, depending on how they first logged in.

Where to I send my hard copy submissions?

Catholic Press Association

205 W. Monroe Street, Suite 470

Chicago, IL 60606

When is the deadline for award submission?

Friday, February 8, 2013

If my entries are postmarked February 8, 2013, will they be accepted?

Yes, if entries are postmarked on February 8th, they will be accepted.

If my Press Award submission requires a hard copy submission, how many sets do I need to send?

Two, one for each judge to review.