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Midwestern Roundtable
For those new to the list: 1. This list operates on an “as-needed” basis. That means you won’t be getting any “hi, how are you and what’s up?” kind of emails. But if you have a need, we’re here. 2. When sending to the list, include your name, paper and diocese and then whatever you want to say. Or, if you have a signature line, fine, I can pull it from that. 3. Your message will then be sent to all on the list. When there’s a “hot” discussion, I usually wait until there are a few responses and then send out in the morning and then in the afternoon so you aren’t inundated. We’ve gone weeks without activity and have done as many as – if memory serves – four a day (each with a number of responses in it.) Don’t plan on being swamped unless there’s a lot of activity. 4. Mailings are sent Bcc (a way that gets around some of the usual filters for spam and bulk mail.) 5. When you want to ask a question, open a discussion topic or answer, please just send “reply” not “reply to all"
3 1/15/2013

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